Not unlike any other civic organization, this is where all the actual work is done! Each club member belongs to one or more working committees. 
CLUB MEETINGS: Provide club members with a meeting place that is functional, comfortable, and yet economical. Display flag, club banners, & nametag board at meetings. Provide nametags for guests. Obtain interesting guest speakers for weekly meetings. Maintain member attendance list.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Recommend and support club participation in community service projects that provide positive benefits to local organizations, agencies or other activities. Supported projects include Meals On Wheels, March For Babies, Alzheimer's Memory Walk, Memorial Day Ceremonies, golf cart rides for rehab home residents, Ms. Southland Pageant, Christmas tree recycling, cart path cleanup, Fayette Senior Services, Peachtree City Library, SW Christian Hospice, Parkinson's Disease, and American Legion Summer Camp Program.

FUND RAISING: Recommend and organize events to raise sufficient funds to financially support club service projects and activities within our community. Generate funds internally to finance our club's administrative and operational costs. Seek area businesses or organizations to serve as corporate sponsors. A new brochure has been created for that solitation purpose.

HUMAN & SPIRITUAL VALUES: Identify, develop and initiate service projects that enhance spiritual and human values throughout the community. Examples include composing, publishing and distributing the Peachtree City Church Directory, supporting JobSeekers....a group that assists professional people in job transition, ushering at Ecumenical Good Friday services, promoting Pastor appreciation, and visiting club members during serious illness or trauma in their families.

INTER-CLUB: Attend other Kiwanis club meetings within and outside our Division to promote friendship and share beneficial ideas. Assist in providing makeup meetings for our members. Provide guest speakers when possible.

INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING: Learn of other countries' needs and assist in satisfying those needs. Collect used prescription eyeglasses for distribution to individuals in needy countries. Participate in the International Students Reception.

KLARION: Keep each club member informed of the latest news regarding current and future activities by preparing, printing and distributing a weekly news bulletin, the award winning Klarion. Gather key news items, photos and other appropriate information for publication.

MEMBERSHIP: Grow our club by developing and initiating new ideas to increase membership while retaining current members. Provide club information to interested guests. Process applications and prepare induction packets for new members. Schedule new member orientation training. Write a short biography on each new member for publication in the Klarion. Process requested leaves of absence and membership transfers. Develop and publish the following documents: official club brochure, member photo directory, and committee description booklet.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: Publicize our club's activities both locally and regionally. Inform the public of our involvement in fund raising events, our active participation in community service projects, and our provision of financial assistance to deserving organizations. Take photos of activities and create articles for publication in area newspapers and The Georgia Kiwanian. Develop and maintain the club's internet website, updating weekly. Maintain a yearly scrapbook and history of all club activities.

SERVICE LEADERSHIP: Sponsor all Kiwanis youth activities to include K-Kids (elementary), Builders Clubs (middle school), Key Clubs (high school), and Circle K (college). Currently, our club sponsors two Key Clubs -- McIntosh High School and Starr's Mill High School, one K-Kids (Peeples Elementary) and one Builder's Club (Rising Starr Middle School). Guide and advise students and insure these clubs perform the tasks and activities required by Kiwanis. Provide attendance support at the State convention. Recommend high school seniors for Kiwanis monetary awards. Recognize students at McIntosh High School with technical career paths. We also offer great networking and volunteering opportunities for Key Clubbers, Builder's Club members and K-Kids to participate in both our fund raising and service projects throughout the year. We rely greatly on their assistance!

YOUNG CHILDREN PRIORITY ONE: Support the needs in the community for children prenatal through age five. Work with pre-school for mentoring and reading. Support the March of Dimes (March For Babies), Commission on Children & Youth (CCY), Pregnancy Resource Center, Baby Peaches and the International Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) program.

YOUTH SERVICES: Serve as a catalyst in the development of youth over age five in the community. Support the DARE Program in elementary schools, Student Government Day, Science Olympiad, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Triathlon, Fayette Youth Protection Home, Georgia Sheriff's Youth Home, and Children's Miracle Network. Sponsor and organize the Annual Art & Music Showcase for Fayette County elementary, mid-high and high school students, including home-schooled.